Where Do Questions Come From?

The average human being will ask millions of questions in their lifetime, covering everything from "Why am I here?" to "Where did I leave my keys?"  But have you ever thought about where questions come from?

Here's a start: The word "question" itself is a pretty young pup, all things considered, dating back only to the 1300s or so.  Of course, people asked questions before then; in fact, asking questions is one of the fundamental innate characteristics that many believe sets people apart from other living creatures.

We can't tell you where you left your keys (did you check the kitchen table?), but we do have some help for the other few million or so questions you might have bouncing around in your head.  Have you ever wondered:

Our site brings together your questions with relevant, current answers from our experienced team of writers who cut through the guesses and bring you the facts - with a little fun along the way.

A Question a Day Brings a Life of Learning

We've all heard that you should exercise your body every day, but not all of us are as committed to giving a workout to the old cranium.  The good news is, you don't need any weights or sweat suits for mental workouts - something as simple as answering one new question a day can keep your brain active and agile.  Here's a few fun ones to get you started:

  1. Who built the Empire State Building?
  2. Can you cure allergies?
  3. When was the first wristwatch sold?
  4. How can you build your own computer?
  5. What country grows most of the world's coffee?

Browse through more of our expert answers to get even more question inspiration.  With topics ranging from finance to sports history to gardening and answers on everything in between, you're sure to learn a little now and keep learning later.  Use our search function to find a question you've been pondering, or browse all of our topics for a freestyle answer discovery.

Answers are the Answer!

Everyone wants to be a more interesting, engaging person.  No one likes the feeling of having little to add to a conversation or the sense that someone finds you boring, but how can you think of something to say when you've got nothing to say?  Luckily, we've got the answer to that question: Answers.  The next time you find yourself in a conversational rut, why not trot out one of these fascinating facts of life:


The more you know about the world around you and the world beyond you, the more you have to share with others - at work, at home and in social settings.  Answers give you a role in a conversation, give you the ability to understand context and make germane, witty contributions.  Answers let you start (and end) debates about movies, politics, technology - anything that people have questions about, which is … well, everything.  In short, answers make you the kind of person that people want to get to know so they can ask you some questions.

So stop reading, and start asking! 

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